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Fun with Yarn and Fabric Book Review

Fun with Yarn and Fabric includes more than 50 projects to crochet, sew. The book is very colorful with vivid images. It really takes you into each room where the pictures where taken. The amount of light and happiness in this book makes you wish it would last forever! I think that's the point of this book, to encourage you to unleash your creativity and take it to a new level where you can combine different mediums. The author, Susanna Zacke, invites you to play with your fabrics, threads, and yarns. How fun is that! 
Many of the projects included can be made from upcycled towels, blankets, baskets you might have in your home. The ideas presented in the book could be easily adapted to use it in a project you might still have as a WIP at your home. (what does WIP mean?)  
Overall, this is the best eye candy book I've encountered related to crochet lately. Just make sure to follow your favorite tutorials and patterns to guide you in the process of making projects from the book.