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{Pressure Cooker} Succulent Pulled BBQ Beef

You know how sometimes certain things take you right back to your childhood? To me, seeing and hearing the pressure cooker doing its magic reminds me so much of those early years. My Grandma (Mami Jana - like I used to call her) used it to make lentils and beans as it cooks quickly in the pressure cooker.

My Hubby has now learned to use it to make this delicious pulled BBQ Beef (or pork). Thanks to the pressure cooker, the meat was so tender that it fell apart while covered with a generous amount of BBQ. It was so juicy, perfect for any BBQ lover. The best part is that it took a little less than an hour to have it ready.

(Between you and I - I really do think this dish turned out much better than Smokey Bone's pulled BBQ Pork that they make!) shhhh! ;-)

Ah...and I can assure you, my kitchen smelled so good that we were just staring at the clock counting the minutes until the food was ready!

Happy BBQ-ing!